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Workshops and masterclasses are a wonderful opportunity for students to be coached by another teacher. I feel that this is very important as it can reinforce what is being taught in regular lessons, offer a different perspective on a pedagogical point and stimulate students and parents by providing a learning experience in a different setting and format.

As a teacher, I find it incredibly inspiring, and very useful for my own personal professional development.

Flute Facts

Franz Doppler (1821-1883) and his brother Karl (1825-1900)) were Hungarian flute virtuosi and composers who often gave concerts of their own music. One of the striking aspects of these performances was that Karl played a left-handed flute, and Franz a normal right-handed instrument, thus creating a mirror image as they stood side by side.

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TFS Workshop Weekends

In the fall, the Toronto Flute School often invites guest teachers and sometimes performers to give masterclasses and demonstrations to all interested students. Some of our past workshops have included Suzuki teacher trainers Kenichi Ueda and David Gerry, jazz specialist Pam Homzy and percussionist and steel pan expert, Joe Cullen.

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La Flûte Enchantée

The Montreal flute quartet La Flûte Enchantée coached our flute choirs and small ensembles and also presented a recital featuring music from their CDs. You can find out more about La Flûte Enchantée on their website (

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La Belle Danse

For their workshop, the Baroque dance troupe, La Belle Danse ( presented a lecture with a slide show on the history of Baroque dance, a demonstration of several of the dances of the period accompanied by Baroque flute and harpsichord, and a lesson about the minuet where students actually learned the dance that goes with so many pieces that they play.