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“I was very fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time with regards to my teachers. I had the amazing good fortune of being selected by Jeanne Baxtresser to be in her class at McGill University as an undergraduate. In her stellar career she has been Principal Flute with the Montreal and Toronto Symphonies and the New York Philharmonic.

“Between my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I studied with Louis Moyse. As a graduate student at the University of Toronto, I studied with André Jaunet. These last two teachers were both students at the Paris Conservatoire, where they studied with Philippe Gaubert and Marcel Moyse (Louis' father). As a teacher, I feel a tremendous responsibility, and at the same time, a great joy to be able to pass on to my students what I have learned from all of these illustrious flutists and teachers.”
—Vicki Blechta

Flute Facts

Le souffle est l'âme de la flute… (The breath is the soul of the flute…) from Méthode Complête de Flûte by Paul Taffanel (1844-1908), founder of the French Flute School and Philippe Gaubert (1879-1941), Taffanel's most famous student, and his successor.

Interested in flute lessons?

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At the Toronto Flute School, we encounter a variety of requests regarding lessons: a family is interested in lessons for their child, a student wants to improve their skills for school or take a Royal Conservatory examination, a pre-professional wishes to prepare for a university audition, competition or masterclass, an adult is looking to take up the instrument for the first time or resume playing.

As a result, there are often a lot of questions! We're happy to take the time to answer them for you. We also encourage families with school aged children to observe a lesson and a group class, and older students to come in for a chat, or simply phone. Students may start at any time during the school year and we also offer summer lessons.

Please feel free to contact us for further information either by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to respond promptly to any questions you may have.

Our teaching studio is conveniently located near the Eglinton West subway station and is easily accessible from Highway 401 via the Allen Road.

CALL TODAY: (416) 782-5091

TFS Flute Family

The photo above shows the Toronto Flute School flute family, which we use in our flute choirs. From left to right they are: bass flute, alto flute, soprano or C flute (which is the one that students normally play), E-flat flute and piccolo. All students are offered the opportunity to play these professional-quality instruments during rehearsals and concerts.