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Listening is as important for the intermediate and advanced student as it is for the beginner. There are so many great recordings of flutists past and present. iTunes allows one to download everything from one track to a complete CD. There are also some excellent performances on youTube. That said, there are also some terrible ones, so the student has to learn to be discerning when cruising around through youTube!

Some of my favourite flutists are (in alphabetical order): Jeanne Baxtresser, William Bennett, Michel Debost, Mathieu Dufour, Davide Formisano, Barthold Kuijken (who plays traverso, a period instrument), Maxence Larrieu and Emmanuel Pahud. I also listen to archival recordings by flutists such as Georges Barrère, Philippe Gaubert, René Le Roy and Marcel Moyse for style more than sound as the recording quality even when restored is not very good. Other important listening resources for tone and style are singers and other musicians.

Flute Facts

According to historians, the Chinese chi was the earliest recorded transverse flute, dateable to the 9th century B.C.

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Lessons for students ages 11 & up

Students come to the school from a variety of circumstances. They may be beginners, or have played in school music programs, or have picked up the instrument on their own. These students are always welcome, and I tailor their assignments according to their level of ability, and what they wish to accomplish in taking lessons.

A beginner will progress step-by-step, learning how to produce a sound, hold the instrument and read music. Once these important basics are in place, progress will follow swiftly.

For the student who has played before a typical lesson will cover tone, technique, pieces and duet playing. There is a large body of truly excellent pedagogical material available, and plenty of fantastic standard repertoire to explore.

My main goal is to teach students to play well, to expose them to beautiful music, and to love to play the flute no matter when or how they started.