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I find that online links can often be extremely helpful when searching for further information about a topic. I have personally chosen all of these, and would love to hear about any others that you discover!

Flute Facts

Frederick the Great, King of Prussia from 1740 until his death in 1786 was an excellent flutist who wrote many compositions for the flute. His teacher was Johann Joachim Quantz, and C.P.E. Bach was one of his court musicians.

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Toronto Flute School Links

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Suzuki links:

These are links to the Suzuki organization on the provincial level (SAO) and to the umbrella Suzuki organization for the Western Hemisphere (SAA).

Suzuki Association of Ontario (SAO)
Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA)
SAA Canada page
SAA Canada discussion page

Flute associations links:

These links are for the local (CFA –Toronto based), North American (NFA) and French (Tempo Flûte) organizations.

Canadian Flute Association (CFA)
National Flute Association (NFA)
l'Association d'histoire de la flûte française (Tempo Flûte)


These are links to some important flutists, past and present, in both the North American and French schools.

Jeanne Baxtresser
William Bennett
Philippe Gaubert
André Jaunet
Louis Moyse
Marcel Moyse
Emmanuel Pahud
Claude-Paul Taffanel
Famous Flutists

Online flute stores:

These two flute-only stores have an amazing selection of flute music, recordings, accessories, instruments and other fun stuff. They are located in the US, but have excellent service to Canada.

Flute World
Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company

Other flute links:

The Larry Krantz Flute Pages are an online forum.

Larry Krantz Flute Pages

The Flute Network is a website with lots of news including masterclass listings from around the world.

The Flute Network